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Project period

2021 -

In 2021, the Superbet Foundation teamed up with the Kasparov Foundation to launch the Step by Step project. The goal was to introduce chess into schools through specialized textbooks and teacher training programs nationwide. In its first year, the pilot project was implemented in partnership with the Step by Step Center in five schools and kindergartens, introducing chess to 811 students and preschoolers.

In the 2022-2023 school year, the project expanded to 20 schools across the country. The 20 schools received specialized textbooks, wall-mount chess boards, and smart boards for students to play on alongside teacher training programs. The Step by Step pedagogy module integrates chess into the school curriculum, providing specialized materials and methodology. By learning the strategies of this noble sport, children develop skills such as decision making, strategic thinking, managing emotions, responsibility and developing the spirit of fair play.

The Superbet Foundation hopes that the Teaching Chess step by step project will expand to all schools throuought the country in the years to come, allowing future generations to discover their passion for the sport of the mind.

In collaboration with the Kasparov Foundation, we will establish “step by step” a healthier educational system in which chess plays an important role in children’s development.

Step by Step

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