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The end of grace for July this year. Good news has continued to come from our partnerships. The athletes enrolled in the GO Scholarship program have had extraordinary results in several international competitions, and the sport of mind has given us another reason to rejoice by holding two emblematic competitions for Romanian chess. At the same time, the Step by Step project, fully funded by the Superbet Foundation, hosted an extraordinary event for the children of the Step by Step Secondary School. Performance and education were the main topics of the week. Watch the latest events below and find out what else happened last week!

Medals at National Championship and World Championships for GO Scholarship athletes!

New to the GO Scholarship family, Matei Runceanu debuted with a double success at the National Athletics Championships. The 15-year-old athlete won silver in the long jump and 100m sprint in the U16 category.

The surprises continued with a memorable participation in the World Fencing Championships. Emma Șont had the opportunity to show her skills in a World Championship in front of the best athletes in the world.

Her performance was extraordinary and this first participation represented a step forward professionally for the partner program fencer.

Mădălina-Maria Anușca, mentor for Step by Step Elementary School students!

Mădălina Maria Anușcă surprised with her presence the little chess players of the Step by Step Secondary School in the “Summer holiday to your liking” program for all secondary school students.

The multiple chess champion captivated the attention of the pupils through several activities for children. Strategies for developing pieces were presented in the form of a game of clapping, and at the end of the sessions, several chessboard demonstrations were given.

In addition to the chess experience, the youngsters learned teamwork and how to creatively combine music, technology, and movement.

Chess SuperCompetitions for all ages!

The previous week we celebrated chess through two SuperCompetitions held in Garana and Hush.

Cuza Voda National College hosted a classical chess tournament for chess players of all ages. More than 40 athletes participated in the Cuza Voda Cup in Huși, the champion of this edition being Ștefan Emilian Prisăcaru.

At Gârâna, the chess players from Banat enjoyed an exceptional chess tournament complemented by an outdoor walk.

The sport of the mind and movement made a great team and gave the young participating chess players the opportunity to show their strategies on the chess board and enjoy the sunny weather outside.

The 23 participants played 9 rounds of rapid chess at a pace of 25min/player, as a result of which Vlad Coman(CSS Nr 1 Timisoara) managed to qualify for the first position of the ranking.

As a main sponsor of the Romanian Chess Federation and supporter of Romanian chess, we are happy to offer young chess players the opportunity to develop their skills and passion for chess in competitions held throughout the country. Together with the Romanian Chess Federation, we support performance and education through chess.