Mexican Wave of Goodness – thousands of zlotys to support diabetics

TEXT 3 Wave of help – Lech Poznań

On a Thursday in July, a real treat awaited Kolejorz fans – an exciting European cup match against Zalgiris Kaunas. The football emotions on the pitch were accompanied by a unique support initiative – a real wave of goodness for diabetics.

The Mexican wave in the stands was symbolic. Each completed “lap” was equivalent to Superbet donating PLN 5,000 to the CukierAsy Association of Parents and Guardians of Children with Diabetes. Ultimately, three laps were completed in Poznań. Thus, as a result of the involvement of Kolejorz fans, the account of the organisation supporting diabetics was credited with PLN 15,000! For Superbet, as the new Main Sponsor of Lech Poznań, it was one of the first opportunities to encourage fans to engage in joint activities – and everyone involved did a great job!

This is the second wave of support in cooperation with sports organisations. Earlier, the involvement of fans in the Speedway Grand Prix stands resulted in support for the Polish Motor Association Foundation. The subject of diabetes is also no stranger to Superbet either – during a challenge on the Strava app, together with cycling enthusiasts, we managed to raise over PLN 100,000 for the Polish Diabetes Association.