Superbet Foundation has sponsored the construction of the Medical Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy and Balneotherapy Center in Bicaz!

The health of Romanians continues to be one of the main concerns of the Superbet Foundation, which is why, together with our partners from Volunteer for life, we mobilized and managed to build a Medical Rehabilitation, Kinesiology and Physiotherapy base in Bicaz, Neamt county.

After our efforts to help the Romanian healthcare system during the Covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to take the next step and overcome another crisis in the Romanian healthcare system.

Under the aegis of the Bicaz City Hospital, the Centre for Medical Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy and Balneophysiotherapy is the first specialist centre for the citizens of Bicaz.

Almost all patients in Romania recovering from an injury or severe trauma need physiotherapy services to correct posture, increase muscle strength and cardio-respiratory recovery, and specialist centres have become more than necessary throughout the country.

Our desire has been to improve people’s quality of life and give them easier access to specialist medical services.

For the near future, we are creating goals with a major impact in the health sphere, and with the help of our partners, we continue to build sustainable projects of major importance to society.


Sport and results made a SuperPareche this week! Follow the latest news now!

Tennis, camping or climbing were just 3 of the top sports last week. As usual, the athletes of the partner programs have achieved new results in large-scale competitions at the international level. Follow the latest news from our partnerships here and enjoy a portion of fresh information from the world of sport.

Andrei Horoba qualified for the podium at the Ten Pro Dubai Bowl!

We have chosen to extend our projects to field tennis performance and to support Andrei Horoba on his way to a successful career in the world of professional tennis. With our support and with the idea of becoming a second Ion Ţiriac or Ilie Năstase, Andrei participated in the Ten Pro Dubai Bowl tournament, the largest tennis competition in the Middle East for juniors. The will and intensive hours of training led Andrei to obtain a bronze medal, and along with this came an important series of experiences for the Romanian player at the beginning of the road. At only 11 years old, Andrei had the experience of an international tour and the winning of the most important prize in his career so far.

Results in kempo and climbing for the GO Scholarship athletes!

The partner program GO Scholarship continues to excel in all sports disciplines. Pugilist Edwin Petrea again managed to win a gold medal in Kempo at the Fetești Kempo Cup after outclassing his opponents with his striking moves.

Within the 15-16 years and 60kg category, Edwin continues to be the country’s best athlete in Kempo and boxing, succeeding in forming an important record for his way to the most popular kickboxing or MMA divisions.

In the escalation, Darius Râpă managed an extraordinary result for Romania at the European Qualification tournament for the Olympic Games “Darius Rêpă finished the competition in 20th place after the semi-final on Saturday. Darius finished 18th in Bouldering and 19th in Lead, cumulatively 20th.

Overall a solid performance from our young athlete, only 17 years old!  Darius was the youngest athlete in the semi-finals of the competition, but competed on a peer-to-peer basis with world-class athletes from all over Europe. The Olympic dream remains a realistic one for Romanian climbers!” said the Romanian Climbing Federation about the performance of our athlete.

Step by step, the GO Scholarship program builds a new generation of complete, well-trained, and dedicated athletes to represent Romania in the future in the framework of major international competitions.

Seven medals for Club Karate Kentos at the European Karate Championship!

The Club Karate Kentos team made an extraordinary performance at this year’s European Karate Championship. Sensei Mihai Stanciu and his little disciples managed to conquer together 7 medals for Romania. This year’s champions were:


Place I Kata Individual Shotokan Seniors

Place I Kata Individuals Absolute

Place I kata Absolute Team with team UVT


Place I and European champion with team Kumite Nihon Minicades Girls

Place III Kumite Individual Minicade Girls


Place II Kumite Rotating Teams Juniors


Place III Individually Kumite Minicadets Boys


Above all medals, our partners have had an extraordinary experience in the Slovenia competition. Regardless of age or category, young karatists the adrenaline of an international competition and the opportunity to test every procedure they learned against the strongest karatist in Europe. With the results of the partner club, Romania ranked second in the top of the nations in the number of medals obtained, being one of the strongest participants in this edition.


SuperResults for GO Scholarship partner athletes! Follow the latest news now!

Last week surprised us with new results from GO Scholarship athletes. From intense matches in the boxing ring to winning epee matches by the second, the young talents of the partner programme have managed to add to their record with major awards in major national and international competitions. Follow the latest news now and find out what prizes have been won in recent days.


Gold medals in Kempo and Boxing!

Edwin Petrea continues his endless string of victories and wins 3 important gold medals at the National Kempo Grappling Championship and at the Bicaz Boxing Cup.

To our delight, the 14-year-old fighter continues to improve his skills on the ground. The grappling classes and the new procedures learned brought the young champion two gold medals at the National Kempo Grappling Championship, in the GI and NO-GI events.

In just one weekend, Edwin also completed the contact sports circle with a success in the boxing ring at the Bicaz Cup. The series of jabs and crosses hit on the step earned the Romanian boxer gold in the 63kg category.

Emma Sont, double medalist at the Romanian Cup!

From glove fencing, we move on to the epee event where Emma Sont achieved a remarkable double performance in the Romanian Cup. The first success of the athlete from Bucharest was in the club event, where she managed to win gold together with the rest of the CSA Steaua team. Results continued to come in the individual events where Emma got a first bronze medal in her debut towards seniority.

Luca Bodareu, medalist and across the border!

In cycling, Luca managed to make a splash across the border in the Hungarian Cup. In the cyclocross event, our countryman earned a place on the podium and the bronze medal after an intense race full of obstacles. Known for its degree of difficulty, the cyclo-cross event is one of the most exhilarating competitions in cycling. Having become the Romanian champion at a young age, Luca is extending his record of success with outstanding results across the border.

As a major supporter of the GO Scholarship program, we want to support young talent and create a new generation of complete athletes. Together with the staff and the management of the GO Scholarship program, we are striving to put Romania on the world sports map.


SuperNews from our partnerships! Find out the latest ones now!

The end of the week surprised us with some good news in the sports performance sphere. Chess was in the spotlight this week with the performance of the Superchess team at the European Chess Club Cup.

Fortunately, good news always comes with it. Athletes from the GO Scholarship partner program have achieved several important results in national and international competitions.

The European Chess Clubs Cup has arrived in Bucharest!

With the support and funding of the Superbet Foundation, the Romanian Chess Federation partners managed to send two extraordinary teams (male and female) to the European Chess Club Cup.

Superchess was this year the Romanian representative and one of the contenders for the 2023 edition title. Irina Bulmaga (Romania), Dinara Wagner (Germany), Marsel Efroimski (Israel), Nino Batshiashvili (Georgia), and Eline Roebers (Netherlands) managed to surprise this year with an extraordinary performance during the 7 rounds played. Our players won the big trophy after an important series of victories against the strongest clubs in Europe.

With 6 wins and 1 loss, Superchess wrote history for the competition held in Durres, Albania, being the first Romanian team to win the gold medal at the European Club Cup.

Four medals for the GO Scholarship athletes!

It’s been a record week for our GO Scholarship partners. Athletes won 4 medals in 3 sports disciplines in major national and international competitions.

Edwin Petrea managed to win silver at the National Junior Boxing Championship held in Braila.

His motor skills have made his way to the grand final, winning silver in one of the most competitive categories (60kg) of the 14-17 age group…

In fencing, Natalia Constantin was double medalist at the Romanian Cup for juniors and cadets. The GO Scholarship fencer won gold in the junior and bronze in the cadet foil event.

The trio of sports’ fireworks was completed by Smaranda Bogdan’s SuperSuccess at the International U16 Judo Tournament held in Focșani. Smaranda managed to win the bronze medal in the Aurel Cîmpeanu Memorial after several procedures applied as usual to her opponents…


Each week full of favourable results motivates us to continue to be one of the main supporters of sports performance in Romania. Our goal is to create a generation of complete athletes who can positively influence future generations.


Romania Achieves Historic Triumph at European Club Cup in Chess!

In an unprecedented milestone for Romanian chess, the
women’s team from Romania has secured the gold medal in the renowned
“Champions League” of chess clubs at the European Club Cup.

This extraordinary victory marks Romania’s first-ever
triumph in this prestigious competition.

The Superchess Women’s Team delivered a standout performance
throughout the seven rounds, culminating in a resounding “golden”
victory for Romania.

Comprising the talents of Irina Bulmaga, Dinara Wagner,
Marsel Efroimski, Nino Batshiashvili, and Eline Roebers, the team’s exceptional
prowess was on full display. The climax of their journey came in a thrilling
final-round match against formidable opponents from Garuda Ajka, where they
secured victory with a score of 2.5-1.5 after four intense games. Noteworthy
were the crucial contributions of Dinara Wagner and Marsel Efroimski, who
played instrumental roles in propelling the team to the top of the podium.

With an impressive record of six wins and only one loss,
Superchess etched its name in history as the first Romanian team to claim the
European Chess Club Cup, an accomplishment that will be celebrated for

Irina Bulmaga shared her thoughts on the journey: “It
was a challenging yet captivating tournament, filled with tense matches. The
incredible team spirit played a vital role, with each member giving their all
on the board. When one of us faced adversity, our teammates stepped up, taking
calculated risks to turn the tide. Our captain, Alex Motylev, played a pivotal
role, not only in preparing us for our games but also in boosting our

In the open category, the Romanian men team, consisting of
Vishy Anand, Richard Rapport, Kirill Shevchenko, Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu,
Constantin Lupulescu, Vladimir Fedoseev, Jorden Van Foreest, and Bogdan Deac,
demonstrated their exceptional skills by maintaining an undefeated streak until
the 7th round. However, a momentary lapse in a crucial match against the
defending champions, Novy Bor, saw the Romanian team finish in 5th place
overall after a dramatic final round.

The Superchess team received funding and support from the
Superbet Foundation in partnership with the Romanian Chess Federation, an
alliance that has been instrumental in nurturing and developing Romanian chess

The Superbet Foundation maintains its steadfast commitment
to supporting the development of chess in Romania, providing support and
assistance to chess players of all generations, and fostering the growth of
this significant sport in the country.

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Superbet Foundation was the main sponsor of the 19th edition of the TIBFR “Maria” tournament!

This year, Superbet Foundation was the main sponsor of the biggest wheelchair basketball tournament in Romania.

With a tradition of almost two decades, the International Wheelchair Basketball Tournament in “Maria” delights us with the presence of the strongest wheelchair basketball teams in Europe and with a SuperShow on the court made by the 4 participating teams.

The 19th edition of the biggest international wheelchair basketball tournament in Romania was celebrated in the Sports Hall of Oradea, with the guest teams ASP ORADEA (ROU), the Hungarian national team, WBC MEGA DESPOT (SRB) and KKI VARAZDIN (CRO).

The basketball show was completed by the choreography of the cheerleaders from Queens Dancing Sports Association Invictus Gherla, a group that offered the audience an artistic show with a sports theme.


As the main sponsor of this event, we want to offer continuity to a traditional tournament that promotes important values such as team spirit, teamwork, and determination. sport and performance.


The story of the “Maria” International Wheelchair Basketball Tournament has continued with our support with another successful edition, and next year we will celebrate together two decades since the start of a project that has changed the collective perception of wheelchair basketball in Europe.

Darius Rapa – locul 8 (2)

Historic performance for Romania! Read the latest news of the week!

Last week surprised us with a SuperNews from our partners at GO Scholarship. One of the partner program athletes achieved a historic performance for Romanian sport at this year’s edition of the World Climbing Championships for Juniors.

With the support of the Superbet Foundation and the GO Scholarship staff, Darius Râpă managed to write history for Romanian sport at this year’s edition of the World Junior Climbing Championships in the lead event.

For the first time, a Romanian athlete managed to qualify for a final of the World Climbing Championship and to get a place at the top of the ranking.

The competition in Seoul, South Korea, was a total success for Darius. At just 17 years old, our champion managed to finish the world’s biggest climbing competition in 8th place in the final ranking.

Together with our GO Scholarship partners, we continue to support performance in sport and build a strong generation of well-rounded athletes.

Outstanding winning streak for ACP 3 KIDS!

The ACP 3 KIDS partner club’s batches had a dream week in their competitions. The little footballers enjoyed the game to the full and the intense hours of training rewarded them with an impressive series of victories in the matches played.

The 2012 group managed a series of 3 consecutive victories in the Bucharest Cup, a competition for all clubs in the capital. Their success was complemented by victories for the 2010 and U19 groups, with the clearest victory coming against opponents from Royal Champion (11-3).

The partner club in the capital is growing step by step at every stage and with our financial support, more than 300 children are able to train in optimal conditions and apply what they have learned in official matches.


Have you heard the latest news? Follow our weekly project news!

A new week means new good news we can enjoy together. The last seven days have brought us surprises in sports performance, chess, and a Super Contest organized by the Superbet Foundation for mind sports lovers nationwide.

Follow the latest information and find out the latest news from our projects!

Performance and experience made a great team!

What results do they surprise us with? How many medals have they won? These are always the questions that excite us when it comes to sporting performances. The answer last week came from Edwin Petrea. The GO Scholarship partner program boxer returned to the Octagon ready to knock out his opponents with new BJJ and striking techniques in amateur MMA’s premier competition.

Edwin managed to surprise everyone again with a silver medal at the MMA World Championships. Prepared to fight some of the most vigorous opponents in the world, the young fighter built his way to the grand final of the competition with an impressive series of wins in his weight and age category.

From hook shots and quick dodges, we move on to the grassroots experience of the ACP 3 KIDS young fighters.

The partner club’s 2012 group enjoyed a whole new experience at the international football tournament in Albena. At just 11 years old, the players of the group were able to showcase their skills in an official tournament alongside teams from all over the world.

The beautiful game was played at the highest level and our representatives enjoyed the support of the public and a memorable experience.

Romania, an important pawn on the world chess map!

The 3rd leg of the Rapid Grand Prix tournament was a total success for the participating chess players. Top players from all over the world competed in the biggest chess festival in Europe. More than 350 chess players from 30 countries competed in the Timisoara stage for the competition’s top prize.

Hans Niemann was the winner of this round, managing to achieve a favourable score of 9.5pct in the 10 rounds played. The runner-up in this round was Armenian grandmaster Haik Martirosyan with 8.5pct, followed by other players including Superbet Foundation ambassador Ivan Sokolov.

Are you passionate about chess? We’ve got a SuperContest for you!

We have a SuperContest for all chess enthusiasts! Enter the Superbet Foundation Facebook and Instagram pages, participate in the posted contest and you can win an invitation to a double match with Grandmaster Constantin Lupulescu and Alessia Ciolacu or a chess board signed by Superbet Chess Classic Romania participants.

Participate now and you can enjoy a memorable experience with two of Romania’s national chess team players!


Start the week with the most important news from our partnerships!

We’ve entered August on the right foot in terms of our partnership activity. The good news continued to come in thick and fast and the athletes in our partnerships with GO Scholarship, ACP 3 KIDS, and Rugby Academy enjoyed an intense and challenging time for their sporting journey.

It was 7 days of fire with great results, exhilarating tournaments, and memorable experiences for the young athletes supported by the Superbet Foundation.

International performances for GO Scholarship athletes!

Athletes in the GO Scholarship partner program continue to aim for the best results in international competitions.

Vladimir Spârlac had the most intense experience at the European U18 Basketball Championship with the Romanian national team.

The young basketball player qualified for the 7th position in the ranking after an extraordinary journey and an important series of victories for our team. Our team has held their own against the biggest teams on the continent in a major competition for European basketball.

From ball sports, we move on to athletics to Mihai Călin’s success at the FOTE competition in Maribor.

Newly introduced to the GO Scholarship family, Mihai Călin debuted with success in the Slovenian competition, managing to place 4th in the high jump event.

Smiles, football, and team activities at the ACP 3 KIDS partner camp!

Results are important for everyone, but they are meaningless if we don’t enjoy the good times and forget to smile at our teammates. The 2010 and 2014 ACP 3 KIDS groups enjoyed a memorable camp in Moeciu with the coaches and staff.

The beautiful weather and team activities boosted the confidence of the little footballers and the well-structured training sessions set them up for success in the upcoming regular season.

Training and personal development are two essential elements in building a strong and determined team, and the trip to Moeciu was a plus for both groups of athletes.

Superbet Foundation has become a sponsor of the National Mini Rugby Circuit!

With our support, Rugby Academy partners managed to organize the 3rd edition of the National Mini Rugby Circuit held in Bucharest.

On the weekend of 5-6 August, rugby teams from all over the country competed at the Arcul de Triumf Stadium in the biggest mini-rugby tournament in the capital.

Out of a desire to develop performance in the sport and to give athletes of all ages the opportunity to test their motor skills, we joined an important project for the Romanian rugby scene.

The tournament was a real success and the little rugby players enjoyed the beauty of the game in a well-organized mini-rugby tournament.


Get your share of information and discover the latest news of Superbet Foundation partnerships!

The end of grace for July this year. Good news has continued to come from our partnerships. The athletes enrolled in the GO Scholarship program have had extraordinary results in several international competitions, and the sport of mind has given us another reason to rejoice by holding two emblematic competitions for Romanian chess. At the same time, the Step by Step project, fully funded by the Superbet Foundation, hosted an extraordinary event for the children of the Step by Step Secondary School. Performance and education were the main topics of the week. Watch the latest events below and find out what else happened last week!

Medals at National Championship and World Championships for GO Scholarship athletes!

New to the GO Scholarship family, Matei Runceanu debuted with a double success at the National Athletics Championships. The 15-year-old athlete won silver in the long jump and 100m sprint in the U16 category.

The surprises continued with a memorable participation in the World Fencing Championships. Emma Șont had the opportunity to show her skills in a World Championship in front of the best athletes in the world.

Her performance was extraordinary and this first participation represented a step forward professionally for the partner program fencer.

Mădălina-Maria Anușca, mentor for Step by Step Elementary School students!

Mădălina Maria Anușcă surprised with her presence the little chess players of the Step by Step Secondary School in the “Summer holiday to your liking” program for all secondary school students.

The multiple chess champion captivated the attention of the pupils through several activities for children. Strategies for developing pieces were presented in the form of a game of clapping, and at the end of the sessions, several chessboard demonstrations were given.

In addition to the chess experience, the youngsters learned teamwork and how to creatively combine music, technology, and movement.

Chess SuperCompetitions for all ages!

The previous week we celebrated chess through two SuperCompetitions held in Garana and Hush.

Cuza Voda National College hosted a classical chess tournament for chess players of all ages. More than 40 athletes participated in the Cuza Voda Cup in Huși, the champion of this edition being Ștefan Emilian Prisăcaru.

At Gârâna, the chess players from Banat enjoyed an exceptional chess tournament complemented by an outdoor walk.

The sport of the mind and movement made a great team and gave the young participating chess players the opportunity to show their strategies on the chess board and enjoy the sunny weather outside.

The 23 participants played 9 rounds of rapid chess at a pace of 25min/player, as a result of which Vlad Coman(CSS Nr 1 Timisoara) managed to qualify for the first position of the ranking.

As a main sponsor of the Romanian Chess Federation and supporter of Romanian chess, we are happy to offer young chess players the opportunity to develop their skills and passion for chess in competitions held throughout the country. Together with the Romanian Chess Federation, we support performance and education through chess.