The tradition of culture must be preserved – Superbet Foundation supports the continuity of Dilema Veche magazine

The Superbet Foundation financially supports Dilema Veche magazine for the continuity of a cultural tradition. 

“Books make you miss places you’ve never been”, and the Superbet Foundation has chosen to partner with Dilema Veche magazine to support readers’ passion for books. 

With each book we read we enrich our knowledge, and the classic reading, on paper, retains a mystery for literary enthusiasts. Although the old methods seem more and more used, the Superbet Foundation wanted to preserve an ancient habit and keep books in physical format on the market. 

In 2020, Dilema Veche was on the verge of ending physical book printing, with online having a strong hold on readers. 

However, a good proportion of literary enthusiasts prefer to savour a good book, flicking through page by page. The smell of the paper and the sound of flipping pages remain essential to many of us. 

To carry this beautiful habit forward, the Superbet Foundation has purchased 500 weekly subscriptions over a period of 6 months.  Sales have grown exponentially and with the support of the Superbet Foundation, print has been able to get back into the hands of readers.