The second day of the competition was lucky for Fabiano Caruana! Here are the results from Day 2 of the Superbet Rapid&Blitz Croatia tournament!

Caruana day 2

The second day of the competition went perfectly for Fabiano Caruana. The first surprise of the day came from him after he defeated former world champion Magnus Carlsen in round 4.

Placed at the top of the leaderboard, Vishy Anand maintained his positive streak in round 4 and got the win over Croatian Ivan Saric.

Unfortunately for our representative, Constantin Lupulescu, Duda got another win and remained in the top spots after the day’s first round.

Rapport and Gukesh had a tight match that ended in a draw, while Firouzja couldn’t hold off Nepo and started with a defeat on day two of the competition.

Round 4 results:

✅Magnus Carlsen – Fabiano Caruana 0-1

✅Ian Nepomniachtchi – Alireza Firouzja 1-0

✅Vishy Anand – Ivan Saric 1-0

✅Jan Krzysztof Duda – Constantin Lupulescu 1-0

✅D Gukesh – Richard Rapport ½- ½

Round 5 surprised chess fans everywhere. After losing to Ian Nepomniachtchi in the previous round, Firouzja bounced back with a win over Carlsen, leaving him towards the bottom of the rankings with 2 consecutive losses.

Nepo kept his guard up in his match with Rapport and got his second win of the day after a defensively driven match by the Romanian representative.

Round 5 results:

✅Richard Rapport – Ian Nepomniachtchi 0-1

✅Ivan Saric – Jan Krzysztof Duda ½- ½

✅Constantin Lupulescu – D Gukesh 0-1

✅Fabiano Caruana – Vishy Anand ½- ½

✅Alireza Firouzja – Magnus Carlsen 1-0

After two consecutive defeats, former world champion Magnus Carlsen bounced back with a big win over Vishy Anand to knock him off the top of the rankings.

Caruana ended the day with a second win over Duda to move into first place on the leaderboard, tied with Nepo and Anand.

Round 6 results:

✅D Gukesh – Ivan Saric 1-0

✅Alireza Firouzja – Richard Rapport ½- ½

✅Ian Nepomniachtchi – Constantin Lupulescu 1-0

✅Magnus Carlsen – Vishy Anand 1-0

✅Jan Krzysztof Duda – Fabiano Caruana 0-1

The battle remains close after the second day’s surprises, with the champion of rapid chess to be decided during today’s rounds.