Superbet Foundation supported the only wheelchair basketball clinic in Romania!

Clinic de baschet

Superbet Foundation has become the main sponsor of the only International Wheelchair Basketball Clinic in Romania.

The French coach Malik Abes coordinated the workshop and aimed at basketball players and club team coaches.

This year’s edition was very special for all participants. Important topics on nutrition and sport were covered. In individual group training sessions, players had the opportunity to learn several techniques of playing and using the wheelchair with and without the ball.

The adapted basketball techniques were accompanied by a course on communication techniques where the importance of communication in team play was explained.

As the main sponsor, we are pleased to have supported the only International Wheelchair Basketball Clinic in Romania.

We want to support sports performance and keep up the tradition of the only wheelchair basketball tournament in Romania.

We look forward to seeing you all in September at the 19th edition of the International Wheelchair Basketball Tournament “Maria”. The event will take place in the Sports Hall of Oradea, where we will be delighted by the basketball show offered by the best wheelchair basketball teams in Europe.