Superbet Foundation continues its partnership with the TotusTuus Association


The Superbet Foundation continues its partnership with the TotusTuus Association!

The Superbet Foundation continues to support the projects organized by the TotusTuss Association. Father Thomas organizes periodic camps for children of all ages to strengthen their personalities and learn new scouting skills.

Education is the foundation of every character, and father Răileanu organizes camps with a Christian theme to provide a healthy education to young scouts and to bring them closer to the beauty of nature.

This year, the TotusTuus Association organized 6 camps, accompanied by 4-5 outdoor activities every month. The hundreds of children who attended these camps and activities could enjoy music workshops, nature trips, crafts, explorations or team games.

The teams of the nicknamed little ones and the teams of “wolf cubs” enjoyed an adventure themed after the Jungle Book. During a vacation, the little ones were Mowgli’s friends and helped with various “jungle” activities.

This year, father Thomas Răileanu is preparing 3 more camps for children between the ages of 7 and 17.

The scouts will go on a new adventure on the mountain at Vama Buzăului, where they will pitch their tents and enjoy various activities throughout the day.

We are happy to be with them and hope that our involvement will give the children the satisfaction and lessons they need.