Romanian Chess Federation



Project period

2019 -

The Superbet Foundation has always been committed to promoting sports that can benefit young individuals. Chess, which is also known as the “Sport of the Mind,” is one of those sports that the foundation wants to introduce to as many children and young people as possible. In 2019, the foundation partnered with the Romanian Chess Federation to start promoting chess. Now, in 2022, the partnership aims to launch a new project called the “Performance Accelerator.”

The new management of the Romanian Chess Federation presented this project, which aims to support performance athletes in their preparation for major international competitions. The Superbet Foundation is proud to support this project and to provide financial assistance to notable Romanian chess players like Bogdan Deac or Constantin Lupulescu, who have the potential to achieve excellent results in international competitions.

Moreover, in collaboration with the Romanian Chess Federation, the foundation also aims to introduce young generations to the world of chess and guide them towards discovering their passion for this mind sport. Chess is an excellent way to develop important skills in children and help build a harmonious character.

Romanian Chess Federation

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