97 hospitals



Project period

2020 - 2022

The Superbet Foundation recognizes the tireless efforts of healthcare workers and the challenges they face, particularly during the pandemic. Resources are limited, which is why we have been actively supporting medical personnel since the start of the pandemic.

In the first half of 2020, with the help of the INACO Association, we donated 1,000,000 lei worth of protective equipment and biocides to 33 hospitals across the country. In 2021, we increased our support by providing 110 oxygen concentrators and 3,000 masks to 67 hospitals nationwide. In 2022, we donated a fully equipped ambulance to Marius Nasta Hospital.

Our mission is to help save as many lives as possible, and our enthusiastic volunteers participate in the distribution of donated materials and equipment to hospitals. We are proud to have contributed to efforts in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic, and we believe that every effort counts in making a difference.

Superbet vs. COVID-19

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