The Superbet Foundation together with the authors of the “Don’t Take Them for Granted” project


Bucharest, October 13, 2020  –  For those who may still doubt that the COVID-19 infection is as serious as it gets, a collection of photos documenting over 70 hours of the fight against COVID-19 can be seen in  George Square Enescu  from Bucharest.

It is about the  “Don’t Take Them for Granted” project,  dedicated to the medical staff and all those on the front line, who have been fighting the virus day by day for eight months. There are impressive moments captured even in the ATI wards of three Bucharest hospitals – the National Institute of Infectious Diseases “Prof. Dr. Matei Balș”, the ROL 2 Military Hospital and the University Emergency Hospital.  

The Superbet Foundation, together with three other companies and entities such as ARCUB, Bucharest City Hall and the Ministry of Defense made possible the step to transform the invisible into the visible: two artists,  Cristian Movilă  and  Capucine Gros  , photographed the doctors of the three hospitals, even on the battlefield with a disease that  has already claimed  over a million victims worldwide and over 5,400 in Romania.

 “Involvement in ‘ Do n’t take them for granted ‘ is a continuation of the Superbet  Foundation’s efforts to be  with those who save lives .  If from March until now we have chosen to concretely help the medical staff with protective equipment, biocides and tests, this time we have chosen an artistic project that highlights the superefforts that some of our peers make every day. I was impressed not only by the access for the public eye to the scenes of the battle for life, but also by this call for empathy and the need for community solidarity in such moments of crisis”,  said Augusta Dragic, president of the Superbet Foundation and a surgeon by profession.

 The artist Capucine Gros wanted to explain one of the powerful messages of the new photo-documentary – “……  remembering that we are all someone’s child is a simple and accessible idea. But on a much deeper level, it makes us see everyone else as an invisible interconnected web and not as solitary individuals. In times like these, we need empathy, solidarity and a real understanding of what the strength of a community can mean.”

 The project initiated by the UNFINISHED community also benefited from the collaboration of the actor Benedict Cumberbatch (voice over) and the gallant Chilean conceptual artist, Alfredo Jaar, recently named the winner of the prestigious HASSELBLAD prize for photography.

Starting from October 9, 2020, the installation is open to the public in George Enescu Square in Bucharest, and in the online environment, the project can be viewed on,, either via  Vimeo or  YouTube.

We remind you that within the #PariemPeBine campaign ,  initiated since  March this year, the Superbet Foundation donated protective equipment, tests and biocides to 35 hospitals in Romania. The effort was supported in partnership with two other Associations –  INACO  and  Zi de bine .

Through the Superbet Foundation, the Superbet Group, the largest sports betting operator in Romania, regularly runs CSR programs through which it gets involved in the life of the community.