Project period

2023 -

Superbet Foundation has become the main sponsor of RobotX Hunedoara. With a history of 7 years, the RobotX team is active in the international First Tech Challenge competition. 

Its presence has been noticed in several national and international competitions such as the First Tech Challenge USA World Championship (2019), First Global Challenge (2021), Dean’s List Award and other international robotics fairs where more than 10 gold medals have been won. 

In 2022, Brianna Alexandra Stan represented Romania in the Dean’s List Award competition, being the first winner without American nationality in the history of the competition. 

Her achievement was emblematic for Romania, and this year (2023) it was Alexandra Neamțu’s turn to represent our country in the Dean’s List Award finals. 

With the support of the Superbet Foundation, Alexia fulfilled her dream of going to Houston to present her projects in front of the American jury. The passion she developed for robotics and the hundreds of hours she spent in the lab made Alexia one of the best young Romanian 3D modeller in the robotics field. 

Alexia’s team projects include: “Reliability of Electronics in Space”, “Click-in” (system of interconnectable, 3D printed components) and “Digital Thermometer” (digital thermometer consisting only of a calibrated copper wire, so that its electrical resistance is displayed on a digital multimeter as absolute temperature).

The Superbet Foundation continues to support robotics and science and we encourage younger generations to pursue their passions.


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