ACP 3 KIDS Sport



Project Period

2022 - 

In 2022, the Superbet Foundation and the ACP 3 KIDS sports club entered into a partnership to support the performance of young footballers from the partner club. With the financial support provided by the Superbet Foundation, the football team was able to improve its training conditions and implement a number of facilities for the players’ comfort. 

Although they are still a small club in the capital, the ambition of the whole team drives them to thrive and improve year after year. In 2022, the club has managed to put in a night-time system for the turf pitch, provide toilets for all players, fenced off the pitch to demarcate the training portions and playing surface, and provide young players with benches in the team’s changing rooms. 

All this has resulted in the smooth running of the athletes’ training sessions and substantially increased the quality of the sports ground. 

Also, from the budget provided by the Superbet Foundation, the sports club purchased footballs for the young players and nets for the football goals. 

Our aim has been to increase the quality of the training sessions and give young players the opportunity to develop in the best conditions. 

The Superbet Foundation supports education through sport and performance in all sports disciplines.

ACP 3 KIDS Sport

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