Interview with Valentina Necoară – pole vault champion and athlete enrolled in the Go Scholarship program!

GO Scholarship
Valentina Necoară, one of the athletes enrolled in the Go Scholarship program, won the silver medal at the U20 Balkan Championship.

Long training sessions and the desire to win led Valentina to add another medal to her record. The Balkan U20 Championship was an obscurity of proportions for the Romanian athlete.

In the pole vault event, Valentina Necoară managed to overcome the 3.8m threshold, ranking second on the podium.

Work and dedication are the paving stones of a successful sports career, and by the age of 16, Valentina managed to set the national record twice (3.4m and 3.5m) for the U16 age category.

The young athlete continues to surprise with her performances, and her passion for athletics can lead her to restore the national pole vault record set by Gabriela Mihalcea 23 years ago.

The last challenge of this competitive season will be the Romanian Cup held next weekend. We keep our fingers crossed for the athlete for another success completed by a gold medal.

Valentina Necoară is a young sportswoman whose ambition, dedication and love for sport define her completely. The Go Scholarship was a surprise and an innovation for the first 30 athletes selected and evaluated for this program.

To find out more details about what Go Scholarship means, Valentina offered to share with us her experiences and tell us how this program influenced her life.


  • How did you feel when you were chosen to participate in the Go Scholarship program?

“At first I didn’t know what to expect. The idea of working with so many specialists sounded incredible and we were very excited to get started.”

  • On what level did participating in the Go Scholarship program help you the most?

“Certainly, the program helped me in all ways. For me, this competitive season was full of ups and downs, but the ideas offered by Cristi Olteanu, our psychotherapist, were extremely valuable.”

  • What do you like most about the trainings/workshops you do?

“At the workshops, I really like that we don’t focus only on sports. Thus, we learn useful information for everyday life, as happened last week with the first aid workshop. When it comes to training, I really like Dimi and Erwah’s energy. I really like that we focus on the question “why?” behind every move. We are always learning about our bodies and how we should move. “

  • Which of the specialists in the program did you interact with the most and what did you learn from that interaction?

“Thanks to the fact that we see each other almost weekly, Cristi Olteanu is the one I interact with the most. It taught me how to ask myself questions, how to look at things from a different perspective, how to be in a state of continuous presence, and many other insights.”

  • What does participating in the Go Scholarship program mean to you?

“Participating in the program is an honor for me. I have the honor of working with so many specialists who share with us essential information that is the basis of performance sports. Also, my participation in the program is a confirmation that I am on the right track, having other top athletes from different disciplines as my colleagues. “

  • What are the next contests/competitions you will participate in?

“This season I have only two more competitions, the U20 Balkaniad in Turkey, this weekend, and the Romanian Cup, which will take place on July 23-24.”

  • What goal have you set for yourself for the next 5 years?

“From a sporting point of view, I would like to qualify for the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028 and be present on the podiums of the most important international competitions. In everyday life, my object is to be happy. “

  • What title/award do you want most?

“I think that any athlete, especially those who practice an individual sport, want an Olympic medal and I think that I also long for such a prize, maybe even a gold one. “

Gold at the Olympics and a happy life are the biggest wishes for Valentina Necoară. The work she puts in at every practice and the support provided by the Go Scholarship program will help her achieve both of her goals. We wish her success in this season’s competitions and we want to see her on the podiums of the big competitions in the next 6 years.