Interview with Dumitru Butilcă, physical trainer in the Go Scholarship project


Dumitru Butilcă is one of the people who want to offer the current generations of athletes all the conditions they need. His love for sports and mobility led him to become an important piece in the Go Scholarship engine and to join the team of the only performance-oriented project in Romania.

Find out what led Dumitru to be a sports trainer in the Go Scholarship project and how this influenced him.

  • How long have you been working in this field?

“I have been working in this field for over 20 years. I was in my first year of college when I started working in a gym”

  • Why did you choose to be a sports trainer?

“My main passion is the human body. I have always been interested in movement, why it moves and how it moves. The more you learn about him, the more you realize how little you know. This fact motivates me very much in my field.”

  • What made you join the Go Scholarship program?

“I always wanted to leave something behind. I felt that the things I know have no value if I don’t pass them on to the younger generations. I also felt that Romanian sport is in great need of such a program. It is very easy to criticize from the outside and do nothing about it. I felt that my involvement could change something.”

  • Did you have any emotions about doing this project?

“It is difficult to say this. In the past, I did theater. The moment you went on stage without any emotion was the moment you were sure to break your neck. It’s the same in sports, it’s impossible not to have a feeling related to each project. A little excitement is always there.”

  • Is working with teenagers a challenge for you?

“Working with teenagers is a challenge. They are in a transition period where they become adults from children. Often they don’t understand the problems they have either. However, there are also many beautiful parts of working with teenagers.”

  • Has working with the Go Scholarship project influenced your career in any way?

“It’s a big challenge for me, and I’ve always liked challenges. It is also a great joy, I have the satisfaction of being able to pass on my teachings. I will not live forever and I feel that I must pass on what I have learned”

  • What professional satisfactions do you think the Go Scholarship project could bring you?

“The project is still at an early stage. We don’t even have a year of activity. I am sure that this project will grow, and in 3-5 years there will be results. The satisfactions will also appear along the way”

  • What message would you send to the young athletes in Romania?

“From the point of view of possibilities, we are living in some sensational times. We can’t say we miss that much, especially since help is just a stone’s throw away. I recommend young athletes not to be afraid and always ask for help, regardless of its nature. Also, it’s nice to dream, I support that, but you always have to work for your dream.”

Dumitru is sure that his involvement can change something in Romanian sport. Like him is the entire Go Scholarship team, and with their help, today’s athletes can become tomorrow’s world champions.