Bullseye! Sports stars and Superbet support paralympians 

Strzal w dziesiatke

The role of the Cupra Padlowe tournament partner, where well-known athletes and journalists competed on padel courts, was an excellent opportunity for us to carry out a CSR action in support of Paralympians. Each participant in the tournament could test their skills in darts, and the number of points scored on the target translated into specific financial support for athletes with disabilities ahead of the upcoming Paralympic Games in Paris.

Among the participants of the Cupra Padlowe tournament, there were former representatives of Poland in football, such as Tomasz Kłos and Marcin Żewłakow, as well as figures known from the world tennis courts (including former WTA ranking leader Agnieszka Radwańska and Wimbledon semifinalist Jerzy Janowicz). Superbet, the official tournament partner, decided to seize the opportunity to do something good together and collected funds in a special darts area for the benefit of the Polish Paralympic Committee Foundation. Thanks to the commitment, sharp eyes, and skilled hands of the stars participating in Cupra Padlowe, Superbet donated 15,000 Polish złotys to the Paralympians!

The collected funds will aid in preparations for the most important quadrennial competitions for these Paralympians who lack ministerial grants, increasing their chances of achieving their dream successes. Additionally, they will support the development of young, talented athletes, as well as contribute to the foundation’s efforts on behalf of former Paralympians facing difficult life situations.

‘We thank you for the support; finally, assistance to our Paralympians who will soon compete for medals in Paris is a bullseye. We are pleased that in an Olympic year, Superbet also remembers us,’ says Łukasz Szeliga, President of the Foundation