A Dream Come True for Young Chess Player Ivano Mocic

The Superbet Foundation provided the young Croatian chess player, Ivano Mocic, with the opportunity to participate in an international chess tournament for the very first time.

Driven by ambition and a passion for the game, Ivano participated in the January chess tournament held in Seville, where he achieved 5 wins out of 9 games played, earning him first place in the category of players with an Elo rating lower than 1700. Notably, he secured victories against more experienced opponents from Kazakhstan, including the best player in his age category.

The Croatian chess player’s exceptional performance also caught the attention of one of the participating Spanish clubs, who extended an invitation for Ivano to play for them in the Spanish Chess Championship.

In the previous year, Ivano broke the 1800 Elo rating barrier for the first time, and he is now motivated to come back stronger with a winning streak. Currently, the young chess player is training with a Grand Master, which is enabling him to prepare for major chess tournaments worldwide.

Participating in the tournament brought Ivano Mocic joy and valuable experience, further inspiring him to make his mark in the world of chess. We were delighted to support him, and we pledge to continue backing him on his chosen path.