SuperHeroes brought the spirit of Christmas into the homes of many families!


In the Superbet family, the Christmas holiday is the best opportunity to be closer to each other and do good deeds together. In life, we do not all leave with equal opportunities, but with a little involvement and a dose of mobilization, we were able to bring joy to the hearts of several needy families across the country. Superbet team members mobilized in different regions and organized charitable actions for families and children in difficult situations from their own funds.

The Superbet Foundation is always with those who want to help and has decided to support all charitable activities, doubling the amount collected by the Superbet teams. The Christmas holiday was very special in the year 2021, and the joy of the Superbet team and the families who crossed the threshold was visible from the first moments.

Santa Claus arrived for the first time in Brașov, Sibiu and Mureș!

The local teams of these counties mobilized in record time and managed to quickly raise 4,230 lei through the involvement of employees. Their initiative and promptness was amazing, which is why the Superbet Foundation broke the ice for humanitarian projects this Christmas and doubled this amount. Thus, the local teams allowed themselves to fill their bags with more surprises for them and added several needy families from these counties to the list of recipients. As we expected, the children were the first to welcome the SuperHeroes from the team with smiles of joy and good cheer. To everyone’s surprise, not the sweets, but the oranges were the most appreciated by them, which motivated our colleagues to supplement the bag with even more fruit.

The Superheroes also flew to Banat!

The cities of Timișoara, Pecica and Lipova were the next targets on the map of Santa’s gifts. The Superbet team from Banat was active during the holidays and managed to collect 2,930 lei. With the help of the Superbet Foundation, we doubled the balance for needy families in these areas and managed to surprise them with even more gifts. Food was the basis for them, but the joy of the holidays is never complete without gifts. In addition to the essential foods on the Christmas table, the team from Banat surprised them with various gifts. It was certainly a memorable Christmas for needy families in the 3 cities, and next year we will be with them again around the holidays.

Santa’s elves were also present in the countryside!

Life in the countryside has many beautiful aspects, but often has its difficult parts. Many families in the villages of Romania live without many financial possibilities. However, their love for each other and the unity they show is heartwarming. Colleagues from Superbet also mobilized for such families, and with the help of the Superbet Foundation, they managed to purchase gifts and food worth 3,200 lei. The happiness was enormous when the Superheroes arrived in the villages of Telna and Mihalț in Alba County. Although modest living made its presence felt in the homes of the two families visited, joy and smiles had a place of honor on the faces of parents and children. Clothes, toys, sweets and fruit were indispensable under the tree this year, and the shortages did not make their presence felt like in previous years. It was also an enormous joy for our colleagues to be able to share smiles and gifts, and the beautiful experience motivated them to come back with other surprises in the following years.