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2022 - 

Superbet Foundation supports refugees from Ukraine!

The year 2022 was a critical year in terms of the political situation in the north of Romania’s border with Ukraine. Millions of people were forced to flee their homes within hours of the start of the conflict between the Ukrainian armed forces and Russia.

Empathy and generosity are two moral concepts on which the Superbet Foundation is based, and for this reason, we chose to join the cause and support the Ukrainian refugees who arrived in the territory of Poland and Romania.

The action of the Superbet Foundation on the territory of Poland has been constant in donating an amount of money to the associations intended to save refugees fleeing the war.

For the refugees who arrived in Romania, the Superbet Foundation offered accommodation, food, strictly necessary items, medicines and above all empathy and counseling from our volunteers. Those who set out to reach a certain destination received the support of the Superbet Foundation for the purchase of tickets and guidance to the easiest route. Also, those who wanted to settle in Romania received help from us to find a stable home and a job.

Together with the Genesis School, the volunteers of the Superbet Foundation have established a program of study and play for the children. In the school, lessons from the school curriculum, interactive games, creative workshops and sports were organized during the day, all of which were coordinated by a school teacher and a volunteer from the Superbet Foundation, both Ukrainian speakers.

During 2022, the Superbet Foundation reached the threshold of 4,000 Ukrainian refugees housed in one of the hotels in the capital, with project costs exceeding the sum of 350,000 euros.

We are happy to be a support for the thousands of people who cross our threshold and feel that with us they can find the security they need. Most of them felt the need to mark the beautiful moments spent together and surprised us with the messages they sent.

“Guys! Thank you very much for the warm welcome! The children did not feel like refugees thanks to your smiles and help! A special thanks to Silviu, for his incredible, titanic work and daily care for all of us!”

“Thank you to the Superbet volunteers for their help during my pregnancy and for helping me find a great doctor who helped me with the birth. I want to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a great team!”

Together with Ukraine

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