Science and Technology Magazine



Project period

2020 - 2021

In our era of scientific advancement and digitalization, it is natural for people, especially young individuals, to ponder questions such as “Who was the first man on the moon?” or “How can certain gadgets on the market be utilized?” To address these inquiries, Science and Technology magazine serves as a valuable solution.

The magazine not only provides information and fascinating facts from diverse fields like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics but also presents various viewpoints of modern-day scientists. Additionally, Science and Technology publication is a significant stepping stone for young people to become familiar with science and a remarkable source of infinite knowledge.

The Superbet Foundation recognizes the importance of education and thus, has taken prompt action to support Science and Technology magazine. Despite the challenging situation, the Foundation has ensured that the publication is still accessible in its established print format.

Thanks to The Superbet Foundation’s assistance, every high school in the country received each issue of the magazine in 2020 and 2021, enabling students to enhance their knowledge and understanding of science and technology.

The Foundation firmly believes that education is invaluable and strives to foster a well-informed young generation for a brighter future.