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2022 -
Race for the Cure 2022

Race for the Cure is one of the largest fundraising marathons organized worldwide. The year 2022 was emblematic of this event. Together with our partners and organizers at the Renaissance Foundation, we celebrated the 8th edition of the marathon and also the season of returning to physical format on the running track.

The main goal of the Race for the Cure marathon is to raise funds for women in Romania who are unable to secure regular medical check-ups. Due to their limited financial means, many women in the country are unable to ensure a regular schedule of visits to the doctor, as evidenced by the high number of cancer diagnoses each year.

As the main sponsor, we felt duty-bound to participate with the largest team, having the greatest contribution to the fundraising project. Each participation was equivalent to the amount of 10 euro, a donation with which Superbet Foundation contributed to saving women in Romania unable to get regular medical check-ups.

For Superbet Foundation’s volunteers, participation meant a chance of life for a woman in Romania, one registration could be converted into a Babes-Papanicolau test and 4 registrations could be converted into a mammogram.

5 June was declared Cancer Survivors’ Day, an important day that we all celebrated on the running track during the 8th edition of the Race for the Cure marathon.

Important personalities such as Andreea Esca, Mihaela Geoană, Cristiana Copos, Camelia Șucu, Anamaria Popescu (Brînză), Dana Deac, Dana Rogoz, Adelina Pestrițu, Anca Serea, Sabina Iosub, Mihaela Bîrzilă, Smaranda Vornicu-Shalit, Laura Fronoiu, Sonia Argint Ionescu, Liana Stanciu, Oana Tache, Roxana Voloseniuc, Nicola and Silvia Dumitrescu participated in this event.

It was a memorable experience in which we all showed our support for an important cause, managing to minimize the impact of one of the biggest problems of the Romanian healthcare system.

Race for the Cure 2023

In 2023, the Superbet Foundation will again be the main sponsor of the Race for the Cure marathon. Together with the Renaissance Foundation, we will celebrate the 9th edition of the biggest fundraising marathon in Europe.

Each registration will be matched with 12 euro by Superbet Foundation, which will be donated and transformed into a free medical test for one of the women in Romania unable to secure a regular medical check-up.

This year’s route will be:

  • Run/Walk 5 KM – Start – esplanade of the Arcul de Triumf National Stadium Str Alexandru Constantinescu, Arcul de Triumf, Șos. Kiseleff, until Victoriei Square, with return on Sos. Kiseleff, until Arcul de Triumf, continuing on Alexandru Constantinescu Street, until the Pink Start / Finish Gate (running/walking directions will be delimited by fences and signaling tape)
  • Pink walk 1 km – Start – esplanade of the National Stadium Arcul de Triumf, Alexandru Constantinescu Street, Arcul de Triumf and back on the same route, but with the directions delimited by fences and signaling tape, up to the Pink Start/Stop gate

The schedule will be:

9.00 – 09.25: Warm-up,

9.30 – Run start – 5 km;

9.35 – Start 5 km/1 km walk;

9.40 – Start Winning the fight against cancer – 1 km

Race for Cure

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