Kentos Karate Club



Project period

2019 - 

The Superbet Foundation’s partnership with Kentos Karate Club Timișoara is one of our earliest collaborations aimed at promoting the sports performance of young talents in Romania. The Foundation was inspired by the commitment of the children and the involvement of Sensei Mihai Stanciu, leading to their financial support for the project since 2019. With our support, the club has been able to participate in prestigious international competitions and attain remarkable achievements, thanks to the athletes’ hard work and hundreds of hours of training in the dojo.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic in terms of training, the young athletes have had a successful year in 2021. They achieved medals in different age categories for Kumite, Kata, and Shobu Ippon styles during the European Championship, a remarkable feat for the Banat club. This accomplishment underscores the importance of sustained effort and dedication in sports.

Additionally, the athletes of Kentos Timisoara Karate Club once again reached the podium during the National Championship, obtaining six bronze and one silver medal in the Kumite style for solo and teams.

The Superbet Foundation is confident in the potential of these young athletes and is proud to support them on their journey towards sporting excellence.

Kentos Karate Club

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