Project period


HOSPIS is the largest foundation in Romania that offers free specialized palliative care services to children with cancer. For almost 30 years, HOSPIS has provided relief and hope to more than 40,000 children and adults who are fighting incurable diseases.

The dedication and commitment of HOSPIS is truly impressive, and the Superbet Foundation has joined their mission to support children with cancer. The Superbet Group has donated on multiple occasions to help the children receiving care from HOSPIS to access medical support and create moments of joy.

Unfortunately, equal opportunities are not available to everyone, but we can make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate through our support. HOSPIS regularly organizes fundraisers to continue its vital work, and the Superbet Foundation is always there to support their heroic efforts.

We are proud to stand with HOSPIS through our financial contributions and strongly believe in the ideal of creating a better world for all.