Dilema Veche



Project period


In March 2020, we were taken aback by an announcement from the editor-in-chief, Sever Voinescu, and an article by Mr. Pleșu, stating that the magazine “Dilema Veche” was suspending its print version after 27 years and would be available online only for the time being. 

This news alarmed us, and we immediately offered our support through an emergency intervention to help the magazine overcome this situation and continue to be available in print. Despite the massive migration to online, we believe that paper is still the essence of the press. The idea of flipping through a quality publication like “Dilema Veche” in the morning while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea and savoring the aroma of printed letters is irresistible to us.

To show our support, we purchased 500 weekly subscriptions for a period of six months in 2020, which led to a substantial increase in sales for the magazine. Thanks to The Superbet Foundation’s assistance, “Dilema Veche” was able to continue its print edition as well.