Climb Again



Project period

2020 - 2022

Great projects always start from a simple dream. The Climb Again association was born from the desire of the president Claudiu Miu to give a chance to a special sport to children and young people with special needs.

Climbing therapy is a great way to connect your body and mind while climbing. The Climb Again Association has consolidated a strong, determined and very united team, and this fact is reflected in the rich track record of the young athletes.

In the summer of 2021, the Climb Again Sports Club won the silver medal at the World Cup held in Innsbruck, Austria, through the remarkable performance of Răzvan Nedu, a young champion who can use his sight in proportion to 1%. Also in the same year, Cosmin Candoi and Răzvan Nedu won gold and silver medals at the World Cup in Briancon, France. The performances of the young athletes culminated with the successes at the World Championship in Moscow and the World Cup in Los Angeles, competitions in which Răzvan Nedu won two silver medals.

At the same time, through the efforts of the Climb Again Association, paraclimbing was officially recognized by the Romanian Mountaineering and Climbing Federation, which led to the creation of a Romanian team and its participation in the major paraclimbing competitions.

The outstanding performances and perseverance shown by the young champions make us want to be with them in the future.

Climb Again

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