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The Covid-19 pandemic was a test both for people and for the medical system in Romania. The heroes on the front line had to face new challenges, and their efforts were rewarded with the thanks of the patients who successfully went through the fight with Sars-Cov-2.

Unfortunately, the fight against the pandemic was not easy, but the shortcomings of the medical system were compensated by the professionalism of doctors and medical staff.

On the threshold of the 5th wave, the Matei Balș Hospital was the spearhead in the fight against the Sars-Cov-2 virus, and The Superbet Foundation got involved with the doctors. Wave 5 was on the rise, and hospital staff was increasingly in need of an ambulance for emergency situations.

We know that big changes start from us, and The Superbet Foundation has offered to support the medical staff at the Matei Balș Hospital with a new ambulance, worth 125,000 euros, equipped with all the necessary equipment according to European standards.

The moment of the ambulance’s arrival was even emotional for the staff in Matei Balș, being a significant improvement of the hospital’s facilities and real help for the emergency teams.

We need a health system capable of dealing with all crisis situations, and we want the involvement of the Superbet Foundation to be a step forward in achieving this goal.

A donated ambulance

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